Die Haltung von Bartvögeln (Capitonidae, Piciformes) in deutschen Zoos und in Privathand – ein unbewältigtes Problem.
Keeping and Breeding Barbets in German Zoos and Private Aviaries as an Undissolved Problem.

Der Zoologische Garten 85 (5): 197-209.


No less than 52 species of barbets have been imported and kept in German zoos during the period between 1960 and 2000. In the first years some (world) first breeding records came from several zoos, Frankfurt with six world first records as the most successful one. Today only two species, the Bearded Barbet (Lybius dubius) and the Red-and-yellow Barbet (Trachyphonus erythrocephalus), breed regularly in ten respectively 14 German zoos and bird parks. The majority of the other species have been lost since, e.g. for future breeding projects. There are also some records of successful broods of barbets in private facilities, but the two species mentioned above are also on top of the list of the breeding records. The problems of keeping and breeding barbets in captivity, their life span, diseases and adequate housing conditions are compiled from data of the literature.


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